Here at Psychology in Action, we pride ourselves in helping people change their lives for the better. We have met people of all ages and from all walks of life. Clients come to us, often not knowing the root cause of their problems, but feeling disenfranchised and separate from society. We give them the confidence and motivation to improve themselves and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.


Here are some quotes from a small selection of our clients. While we have worked closely with many children, we do not seek permission to include testimonials from any child under the age of 16:


"I was scared of a lot of things, nervous and feeling sick. I had problems with sleeping, panic attacks and feeling sad. I am now a lot happier, I smile and I am a lot more confident and no longer scared to go out. I can now go swimming."
Jane, 16 years old
"When my business went down I became depressed and lost my self-confidence. I turned to Psychology in Action, and through discussions and setting my aims and goals I was able to pick myself up and continue with my business. A big thank you."
Arnold, 32 years old
"Before treatment I had no self confidence or self worth. Any conflict I tackled by running away. Some days it was like a black void, with no way out. During treatment, I started to develop the strength to express and cope with my feelings. My husband became involved with a couple of the sessions and this was an additional help in that it was a problem shared. Some days are still hard but I have learned my strengths and I use them. I have an armoury of responses to difficult situations which I use to help me get through them."
Mrs Smith, 46 years old
"When I first came to see Psychology in Action, I was unable to get through most days without some sort of emotional outburst. This was destroying my relationships with friends, family and colleagues. From the first meeting, I immediately felt relief that the burden of my emotions was shared. Over the 6 months of sessions, I felt stronger and more confident in myself. I am now back at work and loving it. My family is now a loving and supporting unit. You have changed the way I think and I am so grateful."
Rosemary, 40 years old




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